Monday, June 16, 2008

buffalo springfield, a few years later: stephen stills vs. neil young, circa 1991

oh man. this is wrong in so many ways. it kind of makes me sad for stephen stills. the whole "crowd participation" bit doesn't come off well.

neil young comes off better, i think. just consider their on-stage accoutrements: cheesy rugs and some fake plants (stills) vs. 2-story fender bassman amps (young) ?

some priceless crowd shots too, on both the clips.

the stephen stills clip kind of makes me never want to be filmed again doing anything, ever ever ever.

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jennifer said...

Funny that you mention these clips making you self conscious about being filmed; the "priceless crowd shots" make me, as a member of said crowd, never want to dance at a live show again, lest I be filmed in ignominy. (Note to self: Do not shake head in furious, repetitive, hair-swinging fashion while dancing.)

Neil young looks such the crotchety old man. This said lovingly- as a night shift RN I am an expert in COM's. Little known fact: when you get on their good side, they are often charmingly flirtatious and adorably sweet-natured. You can almost see the young buck they were at 25, as they probably still see themselves, under the leathered skin and fragilely boned, tenderized flesh.