Sunday, June 22, 2008

my job.

right now i am working at the texas school for the blind and visually impaired as a resident instructor for the summer school session.

yesterday i took the kids on the bus to plucker's in west campus. they ordered "boneless chicken wings," which seemed strange to me.

i ordered waffle fries and had to send them back. they were cold and soggy.

pluckers had 16 television sets, many set to the same channel.

one of my kids, joseph, has shown incredible ability in guitar and has pretty much perfect pitch. yesterday he played "blue moon" about, oh, 25 times. i taught him some "blue notes" he can use to make it a bit more "bluesy."

the day before, we went to highland mall and i walked with joseph.
my first day on the job, a little while back, i changed a grown man's diapers, bathed him, and wiped his rear. after that, everything is pretty much a piece of cake. especially trips to pluckers


The Mother Plucker said...

Hi, my name is Dave Paul and I am the owner of Pluckers. I read your blog and wanted to contact you so I could send you a gift card for a free meal on us. It sounds like your experience at our store was not what it should have been. Please email me at with a good mailing address I can send the gift card to.


Dave Paul

Bill Baird said...

Hey Dave,

I'm impressed by your quick, decisive action. That's the mark of a good businessman.

Thanks for your offer. If the card arrives in time, I will give it to one of the kids.