Tuesday, December 04, 2007


An album's format most definitely informs the listening experience. I enjoy LPs because they're really huge, for example. I like big artwork and big discs I hold in my hands.

On the flipside, a cassette tape suggests a wide variety of styles (a la mix tapes) and a certain degree of intimacy. Albums are taken as a whole, and after many listens, contradictictory styles blend and begin to make sense.

They are also the ideal music format for a car, as they can be tossed on the ground and in piles with no scratching or quality loss. In the van, we only have a cassette player and somehow it feels just right. Tapes allow leeway for the messiness of the road.

I chose to put out my latest release, "Pink Clouds," on cassette for those reasons.

This cassette is one in a series of steps towards a larger goal. But like my Dad used to say on road trips, "half the fun is getting there late."

The album will be released by Autobus.