Thursday, June 12, 2008

comment on the music industry

we went through such hell trying to get the record company to lower the price of our records... still $18.99 in most places. and now one cent on ebay. beyond surreal.

i wonder how all these big companies will shake down over the next few years.


Jordan said...

i bet that's a promo cd

Bill Baird said...

you might be right. but most of the promos on ebay usually say "promo" in the title somewhere.

just so crazy that they wouldn't budge at all on price but now there's so many extra floating around the price is, quite literally, the lowest it can possibly be.

calls to mind the law of supply and demand, and not in the most flattering manner.

JAX said...

with any luck itll all come down my friend.

ps. i always thought that price point was sooo unfair.

Emanuel said...

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