Friday, December 22, 2006

Harry Smith's short films

You might know Harry Smith as the curator of the best folk anthology ever. But he also made these crazy experimental films. Awesome.


Some amazingly rad footage of your favorite stars wearing funny clothes.

Best Song of All Time

This is my nominee. Written w/ Van Dyke Parks.

John Fahey

The master.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

End of the tour, deep thought time


So, here I sit, having watched half of "Three Kings" and feeling a need for some sort of release.

We just embarked on a several week tour with Cold War Kids. If you haven't heard them, do something about that. They're a fantastic group.

Lollapalooza was quite strange. I guess the strangest part for me is the absence of Perry Farrell. He sort of was the festival, wasn't he? They just took the name and made it into another ACL fest. Not that ACL Fest is bad; quite the contrary -- I found both ACL and the modern incarnation of Lollapalooza to be amazing efficient, with courteous staff, ample artist amenities, etc.

But calling it Lollapalooza? Isn't that like if an enterprising businessman bought the name "Rolling Stones" and started a band by that name?

Anyhow, I was confused. I did get to meet Ondi Timmoner, though -- she made the film "DIG!" and was doing another film about Lolla. Sam and I had an hour long interview with her on a range of subjects. Revolution, creation, the 60's, politics... Ondi is very cool.

The previous day we played at a Festival called "Kuyahoga." Our stage was in a parking lot. The hospitality was a slice of cold pizza. But the crowd was fantastic, enthused, and loving life, despite a torrential downpour.

The day previous to that, we played a basketball arena with Death Cab for Cutie. Surreal. Gabe and I snuck up onto the catwalk hundreds of feet above the crowd. I was looking down on the jumbotron screen. Between the flimsy grate we were perched on and the hundreds of electrical transformers all around us, I felt a bit nervous. But we had a great view, and could really hear the crowd singing along to Ben Gibbard's every word.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A still image from "surfing," a short piece of abstract film.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just spent the past month on tour. Endured many hardships, not the least of which would be record-setting snowfall. Piles upon piles upon piles. I did get to go sledding in Central Park, though. That was somethin.

Another of those situations where I only wish I'd written the events as they'd happened. In this case, I s'pose the picture can do my story tellin'.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

los angeles subway

Like most of you, I never even knew Los Angeles had a subway. I found out this evening, though.

Crazy man with pizza pringles, beef jerky and a pint of ice cream yelled at me. A large Vietnam vet doing pirouettes told me I could be the next "Burt Batcharat."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

cinespace, los angeles

I had my ass grabbed 3 times last night, once by a pair of men speaking Dutch.