Wednesday, April 09, 2008

TO DO LIST, 4/8/2008

1) Sit on my ass
2) Check email 10 times
3) Cook some food, don't do dishes
4) Drink 10 espressos
5) Smoke some pot
6) Worry about what a waste my life has become
7) Flex arms in front of mirror
8) Listen to the Grateful Dead
9) Quote-along with "Blade Runner"
10) Plan an elaborate concept album I will never record
11) Dump out my "change cup;" search for nickels and dimes; use money for a slur-pee
12) Check email again
13) Write a to-do list
14) Throw all my dirty clothes into a single pile on the ground
15) Think about all the stuff I could be doing
16) Potato chips


R. Hauselbottom said...

you forgot about pooping. 10 espressos = no way you can hold that shit in.

Bill Baird said...


Blake said...

snap out of it bro.. record your album

Bill Baird said...

it's going to be a spoken-word triple-album