Tuesday, April 01, 2008

some thoughts on departures

it's been really crazy ever since i left texas. just driving, driving, more driving, beer, women, 100 foot trees, snow-capped mountains, cold breezes, incessant rain, rare shine, scalding coffee, parties where i know nobody, random sadness, random elation, relentless rejection, days without showers, holes developing in my jeans, angry rednecks, plaid clad lumberjacks, lost toothbrushes, elvis presley on the radio, a meatball stain on my t-shirt, thrift store hunting for cold weather gear, 6 days without changing socks, cheese and bread for every meal, fresh apples from roadside fruit stands, being scared of strange noises, marveling at snow covered mountains, sacred time with my girlfriend, long talks about being scared or alone or the future, marveling at the fresh air and clean sky and stars and everything just flying by- days, hours, towns, miles.

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