Monday, August 27, 2007


Youtube has been revolutionary for American home entertainment, but the quality is awful. (Even worse than mp3 technology for music). Alternatives have been emerging slowly, but since Youtube created the game, they own the game, in a way.

For my part, I've been uploading videos to several different services. So far, my favorite is called VIRB. The quality is just completely next level compared to YouTube (they allow files three times the size of youtube). They allow you to choose your thumbnail image. Plus they have a cool feature on their page where you can black out everything but the video.

I worked insane hours on my "Zombies" video. So when I put posted it to YouTube and it looked like a fuzzy mess, I was upset. Here is the YouTube version:

And here is the VIRB version:

VIRB seems to stretch out the frame... but overall the insanely better quality makes up for it. I am also investigating a website called DIVX. Anytbody know anything about that?

Anyhow, one thing is certain:


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