Friday, August 17, 2007


Made in collaboration with Peter Simonite. His ace editing skills are on full-display here. We started by filming an actual TV grid ( 6 X 6 screens); the grid's wood frame was built by Adam Bork, aka Earthpig. Peter later expanded the grid enormously, with the aid of AfterEffects. But the original, the core, is all real-time filming.

Each screen in the grid is connected to an individual DVD player; each DVD player is loaded with a short film I made called "Surfing" -- a super8 creation shot off the jumbotron screens in Times Square. The TV's were all started at the same time and left to run for several hours. Since each DVD was individually burned and slightly longer or shorter than the others, letting them run for several hours made the grid jump in random patterns of frenzied activity and cooled off colors.

The video / audio begins and ends in the same place. The video is intended to be run infinitely, in a gallery setting. Hence the name "Moebius."

This was an incredibly satisying collaboration. Check out Peter's other work here.

The musicians:

BB: electric guitar, upright piano, electric piano, synthesizer, tape delay, conducting

Joey Koehl : left-hand only distorted guitar

Nathan Stein : French horn echoes

Peter Simonite : eyes closed piano

Matt Oliver : Moog pulse

Michael Baird : twinkled piano

Gabe Pearlman : vox organ

Sam Sanford : drone guitar

Jordan R Johns : drum

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