Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've traveled to Canada numerous times, and for numerous reasons. I've found the country expansive, the people warm, and the trees large. My last time up there, I was halfway through a grueling 6 week Sound Team tour. For about 4 straight weeks, I listened to nothing but the album "Lightness," an album by my friend Red, aka Peter and the Wolf. It was gentle and touching and affected me the way music should. I posted a track here that's short, sweet, and completely appropriate to this discussion.
Peter and the Wolf - Canada (off the album Lightness).

He has recorded several albums since "Lightness," although Lightness has gotten the most press.

About a year ago, I got together for an all-night session at Big Orange with Red and Josh Duke (Red's frequent collaborator and the dude who recorded "Lightness"). We recorded three complete songs; I played on two of them.

During this session, I was floored by Red's vocal range and skill at harmonies. I mean, this motherfucker would lay down like 10 tracks of perfect harmony, then come up with another idea and be like, "No, ditch that." And he would re-do the entire thing, without a mistake. Just knocking it out, over and over again, first takes every time. His ability and creativity that night inspired me.

The songs we recorded ended up on his latest disc, "The Ivori Palms."

Here's one of the tracks we made:

Better Days

That's Red on drums and piano, me on bass, and Josh on guitar. Tracked live, except for piano and some vocal overdubs. This track has such a great feel to it. You can tell we were pushing each other and having a lot of fun.

Red's an inspiring guy to record with. He follows the muse.

I encourage any and all folks to head over to Itunes and buy his albums. You will not regret the purchase.

And Red, if you want me to take down the mp3s, please send a shout. Just trying to draw attention to your sweet tunes.

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