Monday, November 26, 2007


A re-worked song of mine is going to be featured in an upcoming movie entitled, "Trinidad." You can read about the movie and its director, PJ Raval, here. The movie's working title was "Best Kept Secret."

From the website:

" Located on the Santa Fe Trail, where the Rockies fade into the Great Plains, the one-time mafia-run, coal mining town of Trinidad, Colorado, is an unlikely destination for the 6,500 transsexuals who have gone there to align their bodies with their minds. Trinidad examines the complexities of identity through the eyes of three transgender women who have recently moved to town, and the locals, who for thirty-eight years have called the "sex change capital of the world" home. "

I did a feature interview for the Austin edition of The Onion. You cannot read it online, but I scanned it and you can view that by clicking on the scan below. I like the part where they call the music "acid-fried." Have you ever tried frying anything in LSD? I have, and it's fantastic. I like the brown-acid sweet potato fries. Instead of ketchup, you dip 'em in pig blood.







I was recently shown something amazing by my bro-in-law Cameron Campbell:


It's basically an Ipod that makes music of the sounds happening around you in real life. Instead of isloating its user, the user engages with the world in previously unimagined ways.

I think this could be the future of music. It's a little disturbing to me from the standpoint of one who's read "1984," "Brave New World," or "Harrison Bergeron," imagining all reality filtered through a machine or computer.

But as a musician, it's a whole new way of composing, and the most exciting thing I've seen in years.


Lindsay said...

I appreciate this post.
Crazy walkman!
and I even got a laugh.

Congrads on all.

c l i f f said...

very very cool. i'd say noah is a big fan of Brian Eno.

Gabe said...

dear bill

scan me again
i am invisible
and so alone

your interview in the onion

S>W>A>K> said...

thank you gabe for recognizing