Monday, January 01, 2007

Beatles promos / videos

The masters of the promo film. The inventors, really. These range from silly to awesome.


This is the first promo film for the Beatles. Stoned-out bliss. Ringo's drumming is insane.

Penny Lane

This is my favorite. So random. So awesome.

Hey Bulldog

Love this song. Man. And John's look here is just fucking amazing. Notice how bored George Harrison seems.


Ringo's wife kind of cracks me up in this one. She's the really spaced out looking blonde chick. Well, the one that's wearing weird leather gear.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Amazing animation. Taken from "Yellow Submarine."

I Am the Walrus

Technically, this is not a promo, but what the hey. A really poor attempt to play along with the recording. I like the outfits, though.


I like the song's lyrics. The microphones they're using... awesome. It appears they're singing live along with a pre-recorded backing track... the single version of "Revolution." Kind of a cheap trick, if you ask me. I liked it better for "All You Need is Love."

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